Using the latest version of Stoelting CPS-PRO Polygraph Equipment, our trained and accredited examiners are available to conduct polygraph examinations countrywide. We specialize in:

  • Pre-employment screening;
  • Periodic Screening; and
  • Incident specific testing.


A Voice Polygraph test is generally less invasive than a conventional Polygraph Test as there are no devices attached to the subject being tested. Our AVSAPRO Voice Polygraph software is the most advanced voice polygraph software on the market and offers automated scoring, thus eliminating examiner error. AVSAPRO offers similar levels of accuracy than conventional Polygraph and examinations are completed in a shorter period of time. Voice Polygraph may be used for:

  • Pre-employment screening;
  • Periodic Screening;
  • Incident specific testing; and
  • Remote testing via cell phone or landline.



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