14 Signs that your employee may be on drugs

The following are common warning signs that may indicate an employee may suffer from drug related problems;

  1. Frequent or prolonged absences from work, usually without notification.
  2. Excessive numbers of “sick days” without proper medical leave, with flimsy excuses and explanations.
  3. Frequent, sometimes lengthy, trips to the bathroom or other areas where drugs could be stashed and/or consumed.
  4. Frequent lateness or missed appointment times, production deadlines and meetings – again, with fishy-sounding excuses.
  5. “Roller-coaster” work performance, swinging up and down between high and low productivity.
  6. More than usual numbers of mistakes due to inattention, poor judgment and bad decisions.
  7. Common tasks are requiring greater effort, taking more time, or seem to be more difficult, or causing the person more problems, than they used to.
  8. Confusion, memory loss, and difficulty concentrating or recalling details and instructions.
  9. Personal relations with co-workers are breaking down; the person is experiencing more frequent flare-ups, arguments, criticisms and bad feelings.
  10. Unwilling to take responsibility and now blames others for their own errors, misunderstandings, lapses in judgment and missed quotas or deadlines.
  11. Unexplained deterioration in personal appearance and hygiene.
  12. Wearing long sleeves when inappropriate, which could be hiding evidence of injection sites.
  13. Personality changes such as mood swings, anxiety, depression, lack of impulse control, odd gestures, seeking isolation or to be “left alone”, and especially, any expression of suicidal thoughts or intentions.
  14. Other workers are commenting on, or complaining about, the person’s attitude and behavior.

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