About Us

Dishonesty, deceit and criminal activity is part of our daily lives.  Modern detection of deception technology and methodology provide an accurate means to determine the truth and protect what is most valuable to you.

Bio-Detect Truth Verification Services offer specialist truth verification services to private individuals, small businesses and large corporate clients. Commonly referred to as a lie detector test, modern truth verification incorporates the skill of a highly trained truth verification examiner and reliable technology such as the polygraph device and voice polygraph software to determine the truth.

With more than 20 years experience in corporate investigations and risk mitigation, our Truth Verification Professionals are your preferred business partners.

Our Location

We are centrally based in Bloemfontein and are able to render truth verification services countrywide.

Our Approach

We embrace all modern and validated deception detection technologies and methodologies. Our Polygraph Examiners make use of the latest version of Stoelting Polygraph and AVSAPRO Voice Polygraph equipment and strictly adhere to internationally accepted and validated truth verification test protocols.

Our Accreditations

Bio-Detect Truth Verification Examiners completed formal training in Polygraph and AVSAPRO Voice Polygraph. We are active members of the South African Bio-Feedback Polygraph and Voice Polygraph Association as well as the American Polygraph and Voice Stress Association (APAVSA). Our examiners hold tertiary qualifications in human sciences and security risk management and have more than 20 years experience in corporate security risk management.

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