Polygraph Testing in Bloemfontein

Get to the truth with Polygraph Testing!

Find out who LIED to you, who STOLE from you and who CHEATED you with Biodetect Polygraph Testing in Bloemfontein. 

Falsely Accused? We can help. With a Polygraph Test you can prove your innocence!

We do polygraph testing in Bloemfontein and any area in South Africa.

Polygraph Testing

We use state of the art Stoeling CPS Pro Computerized  Polygraph Equipment to perform polygraph examinations in accordance with international protocols. 

Voice Polygraph

Our AVSAPRO software analyze micro-tremors in the human voice. The stress levels are measured and auto-scored by a computerized algorythm thus eliminating examiner error.



Our  professional examiners are seasoned in  conducting investigations and are professionally trained and certified in modern truth verification  techniques. Our examiners completed University Degrees in Human Sciences and  University Level Programs in Security and Safety Risk Management. 


We do not only rely on only one technology or methodology like many others in the industry. We  combine extensive experience in risk management and investigations with the latest computerized truth verification technology to get to the truth.  


We are committed to upholding the highest Ethical and Professional Standards in accordance with industry accepted protocols.  We are members of the South African Polygraph & Voice Stress Association.

Our corporate clients include

Polygraph testing to the highest standards

We make use of the most modern computerized deception detection technology including Stoelting CPS PRO Polygraph and AVSAPRO Voice Polygraph Technology.Our South-African Certified Examiners follow internationally accepted testing protocols and conduct examinations to the highest ethical standards in accordance with the South-African Polygraph & Voice Stress Association Code of Ethics.

Following the examination, the results are quality checked whereafter a comprehensive written report is provided to the client. Our examiners are available to testify on test results in disciplinary  and criminal cases.   

What we test

Our examiners can perform a variety of tests  where dishonesty needs to be detected but also where truth need to be verified. We render services to a wide range of clients  ranging from private individuals all the way to blue-chip international companies.  Typical assignments include:

  • Screening potential employees for criminal involvement
  • Periodic integrity screening of current employees 
  • Identifying suspects in criminal cases
  • Verifying veracity of statements